New Opportunities

The Lord will help me to adjust, wherever The Holy Spirit leads me.

Being faithful and always just, The Lord is always there to greet me.

In Jesus only, I place my trust, as the enemy attempts to defeat me.

And a true life of faith is a must, as God continues ahead to lead me.

As changes happen in this life, in Jesus, I must continue on ahead.

And as long as I remain in Christ, there’s nothing that I should dread.

On the cross Jesus paid the price, to give me eternal hope instead.

With this Hope I have in Christ, He is with me wherever I may tread.

He will see me completely through; that’s any task and in any place.

And whatever it is that I must do, I remember sufficient is His Grace.

He’s always kind and always true, whenever I need to seek His face.

And He will always be faithful too, as I continue on in my earthly race.

Friend, as I seek new opportunities, He keeps me focused on Eternity.

For The Lord knows of my needs, and everything else concerning me.

In this life Christ gives me peace, along my journey towards Eternity.

My anxious heart He sets at ease, as The Word of God speaks to me.

My friend, as new opportunities, seem to come and truly go nowhere,

Satan attempts to whisper to me, that my God simply must not care.

However, The God of all Eternity, who’s Only Son He did not spare,

Gave me a Hope and eyes to see, that Christ is with me everywhere.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

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