Christ Was Born For Us

Christ was born as Hope for all; when born a tiny baby in a stall,

He was born as the Savior of men, in the tiny town of Bethlehem.

He was born in a quiet place, as The King of God’s chosen race.

He was God’s Gift to all men, for it was by God that He was sent.

As a young boy not much is said, about Christ’s life in Nazareth.

One event that we are told, He was at the Temple at 12 years old.

One thing that Christ told us, He was about His Father’s business.

The Word is silent until we see, The Lord Jesus begin His Ministry.

Jesus lived His life for all to see, what God expects of you and me.

He had but one job to fulfill, and that was to do His Father’s will.

Peter stated, He was The Christ, but He came to offer men His life.

Christ lived for us a sinless life, in a dark world of sinful strife.

The end of His life is why he came, to die for us a death of shame.

On the cross, a sinless Lamb died a wicked death, for sinful man.

But unlike a lamb or common man, our Lord and Savior rose again.

Over sin and death He had victory, so that man could live Eternally.

The Son of God came to earth, to offer fallen man a second birth,

The Immortal God came to give, all mortal men a new life to live.

Believe the reason why He came, and you will never be the same.

So Friend, become Born Again, so when you die you will live again.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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