Storms of Life

When there’s sunshine and blue sky, we never seem to reason why.

Even when the rains do fall, they come to many as a refreshing lull.

And a fallen snow is picturesque, covering the land in winter’s rest.

But when storms on earth appear, they fill hearts with a quiet fear,

A fear of what may come to be, from a raging storm’s uncertainty.

We walk with the sun on our face, and a wind on our back is placed.

Then there is a quiet just before an awesome storm begins to roar.

With the wind against us friend, it blows and seems to have no end.

We also have storms of life, not from weather, but pain and strife.

There is a fortress in any storm, He is Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Storms of life won’t get you friend, if you know by who they’re sent.

God has a purpose you should know; why in life strong winds blow.

How about the apostles and Christ at sea on a tiny boat off Galilee,

As a small storm came near, it filled the apostle’s hearts with fear.

Christ raised His voice in the boat to calm the storm as He spoke.

Christ said to them “why be afraid, do not you men have any faith?”

It is good to know at any place a storm is altered by God’s Grace,

And even in the darkest hour, a storm can cease by God’s power.

The storm of life soon will end, if you know Christ as Savior friend.

Until I see Jesus above with you, He my friend will see us through.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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