Abounding Love

The Love from God, should abound, to all the other hearts around,

From all those mature in The Lord, on who Grace has been poured.

God’s Love from us can overflow, when in Christ we begin to grow,

As we abound in the knowledge of, The Lord and Savior up above.

As this knowledge does increase, God’s Love within will not cease,

This, as we reach out to everyone, with the message of God’s Son.

Christ gives to us discerning hearts, through The Spirit, He imparts,

To speak to men with discernment, where by His Spirit, we are sent.

As God’s Love continues to grow, those we touch will surely know,

That this change within our life, is through the Love of Jesus Christ.

As believers move into maturity, God fills them with Godly integrity,

Filling all with a Righteousness, that comes from Him, not from us.

His abounding Love is unqualified, from God, as deep as it is wide,

To reach the multitudes of the lost, with love flowing from the cross.

God instills in believers a purer walk, so that our life reflects our talk,

Allowing us to freely point to Him, Christ, who died for all of our sin.

With God’s knowledge and His love, come new choices from above,

Choices which reflect His Light, to lead others from the dark of night.

And all this, is for the Glory of God, as we live upon this earthly sod,

So all men we meet in this life, can come to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2007)

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