Carrying Burdens

When I burden my heart Lord, with burdens that I should ignore,

For all my cares, you told me, that I should cast them all to thee.

These burdens truly do hinder me, from being all that I can truly be.

You truly Lord, do care for me, in ways that my heart can not see.

I must wholeheartedly trust my Lord to have peace in me restored.

In His trial Christ died for me, to give me eyes that I could see.

Turn my trial to a blessing Lord, like the cross that Christ endured.

I must pick up my cross and follow Him; to remain in worry is a sin.

You will never forsake me Lord; you’re with me through every door,

Behind the door, I may not know, but you’re with me every place I go,

Worry is only Satan’s utter disguise, while he is working out demise.

Satan, being the father of all lies; he will even deceive the wise.

So in each trial and each hour, I must rely on God’s Loving Power,

This power is all of The Lord, coming from the cross He endured.

It’s all God’s Power; it’s not mine that lifts my burden every time.

For God is there comforting my heart, well before any trials start.

I need to allow others to see, just how much Lord, you care for me.

For you are always with me Lord, in each and every trial I endure.

When I cast the burden to you, you always lead me safely through.

So why should I worry and fear, when I know God is always near?

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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