As I Wait

The End Times

Lord help my soul to gently wait, as your soon return I anticipate,

Your soon return, for your Bride, all the souls for whom you died.

That day will be a special one, when we will see God’s Only Son.

The One who died in our place, the Church shall see face to face.

On the day we hear that sound, all God’s Saints will gather round,

Gathered around The Lord above, raptured there by Christ’s Love.

When we hear that trumpet blast, we will be with The Lord at last.

We will be one big Heavenly crowd, all together up in the clouds.

Until that day that He will fulfill, I must be about The Father’s will,

For I must remain occupied, to share the reason why Christ died.

This is why Christ has sent us to be about His Father’s business,

Reaching out to every nation, and teaching them about Salvation.

While for Him I wait, I must be, faithfully pointing men to Eternity.

I must be frank with everyone, all about God’s One and Only Son.

No matter what men may say, Jesus Christ, is God’s Only Way.

Christ is the way, truth, and life, out of this dark world of strife.

So as I wait for Christ’s Return, I must help other men to learn,

Learn about the coming end, and lead them to Salvation friend.

That is why Christ has left us here, so other men could also hear,

All about His matchless Grace, so they too, can see Christ’s face.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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