His Staff and Rod

I can be content with what I have, knowing I always have His staff,

For I have His staff to comfort me, on my journey towards Eternity.

With His rod Christ guides my way, down the path every single day.

Times get hard, this is for sure, but I know that I do have The Lord.

Christ leads me in valleys so low, in places that I don’t really know.

The times that I don’t understand, I know for sure I’m in His Hand.

And when in the Hand of The Lord, in any place I know I’m secure,

For any place that I should go, The Lord is with me, this I do know.

When the valley is dark as night, I have with me His guiding Light,

His Light guides me in all I do, as I travel the valley safely through,

And as I travel to higher land, I’m being led by God’s Mighty Hand.

Along the way I take a stand, to praise the name of The Son of Man.

On my journey I sometimes stop, high above upon a mountain top,

It’s a mountain high so I can see, what The Lord can do through me.

Christ fills me then with a zeal, that lets me know His Love is real.

And with this zeal I can testify, He still is Lord who reigns on High.

God can reach you where you are, it doesn’t matter if near or far,

For He is God of the mountain peak, on every day of every week,

And He is God in the valley low, and any place where you may go.

Just call on God from anywhere, and my friend, He’ll meet you there.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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