A Life Changing Book

The Word of God

The Bible is a life changing book, just open it up and take a look.

It was penned by Godly men, but was written by The Spirit friend.

The Holy Spirit moved upon them, inspiring a message for all men.

A message for this day of strife, that will redirect your entire life.

And It’s a book filled with Peace, that once you have will not cease.

It is a Peace that is from God that goes with you wherever you trod.

This Peace my friend is Jesus Christ, and He fills your entire life.

And Christ’s Peace has no end, for His peace is Eternal, my friend.

This book has a Hope in a better plan that exceeds all known to man.

For this Hope is an Eternal One, which is built upon God’s Only Son.

And it is my friend, a Living Hope, which helps you everyday to cope,

To cope with all your daily strife, as you look forward to Eternal Life.

This Book written by God’s Grace, is redemption for the human race.

It’s all about His Son Jesus Christ, and how He died to give us life.

It was sent from heaven to the earth, to offer all men a new birth.

This new birth is a spiritual life, in God’s Only Son, Jesus Christ.

Today if you only seek His Face, you too can experience His Grace.

Just put your hope in New Life and you can have the Peace of Christ.

Indeed This Book changes your life, as it directs you to Jesus Christ.

Christ becomes your life my friend, as you get Life that will not end.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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