The Seven Fold Spirit of The Lord

God's Sovereignty

From the stump of Jesse at its root, God will provide a tiny shoot.

And from this insignificant shoot God Himself will bear much fruit.

The shoot is Jesus Christ The Lord, who by many has been ignored.

However, on this shoot was poured the seven fold Spirit of The Lord.

In the presence of all men The Spirit of The Lord would rest on Him,

When baptized from up above, The Holy Spirit descended like a dove.

Godly insight was to come as He was filled with The Spirit of Wisdom.

Men waited for God’s Reign to come but He Himself was The Kingdom.

Allow one no misunderstanding, on Him is The Spirit of Understanding.

And if you think He is demanding, God has left nothing withstanding.

And in order to guide and rule He’s been given The Spirit of Counsel.

So when He rules with His Iron Rod, He will be in The Spirit of God.

Above all foes He will tower, He’s indwelt with The Spirit of Power.

And this power shall extend from the cross through Eternity friend.

Far above earthly college He’s anointed with The Spirit of Knowledge.

A knowledge far above the earth, for He sustains the whole universe.

The reason He has endured, He was filled with The Fear of The Lord.

It’s a fear unknown to the lost, which helped Christ endure the cross.

By His Father Christ was appointed, to walk the earth as His Anointed.

And Christ will come back walking tall as King of kings and Lord of all.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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