God’s Eternal Ways

God's Sovereignty

The sun will rise and the sun will set, this my friend, is a sure bet.

For soon the day turns into night, and the sun will go out of sight.

Without any effort on man’s part, the light of day turns into dark.

But soon we see the morning skies, as again the sun begins to rise.

My friend, even in the sky at night, we can see above a lesser light.

Friend, so precise is God’s design that we use the moon to keep time.

For by watching each lunar phase, we can count off a month of days.

God’s ways are certain my friend, and on Him you can surely depend.

As you live through all your days, do you take note of His many ways?

For these are but two my friend, of His many ways, that have no end.

And all eternal are God’s ways, and God will receive Eternal Praise.

But as the sun does set and rise, man my friend, he lives and dies.

For God to receive man’s praise, man also, must have eternal days.

Though man received God’s Breath, sin brought upon man certain death.

However, through God’s Eternal ways, He lengthened man’s mortal days.

And through the death of Jesus Christ, man can inherit Eternal Life.

Soon we will need the moon no more, when we enter Eternity’s Door.

And there will be no more night and Christ The Lamb will be the Light.

Friend, time itself will be no more, as we live with Christ forevermore,

Living with Christ in Eternal Ways, while giving God Eternal Praise.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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