Bumps In The Road

At another bump or roadblock ahead, we turn to the Lord God instead,

For what may be a hindrance to us, is just another opportunity to trust.

In our Lord God’s guiding Hand, in the times that we don’t understand,

As God woos every wandering soul, back to Him, Who reigns over all.

He moves upon unbelievers too, this, through the lives of me and you,

Speaking to a family or to a friend, providing them His light in the end,

When they have a trial of the same, we can lift up high The Only Name,

The One who gives light to every life, in a world riddled by man’s strife.

As many today are sorely mislead, while they continue spiritually dead,

Still spiritually darkened in their sin, without that New Life found in Him,

The life in Christ, God’s Only Son, sent to grant a new life to everyone,

That’s to everyone who will believe, new life from God they will receive.

And with our New Life we become, God’s Light to men, for God’s Son,

His Light for men, as times darken, with a message for them to harken.

Regenerated by The Spirit of God, for His purpose on this earthly sod,

Pointing all from the night to day, to help men find God’s Narrow Way.

So when we see a bump in the road, or get burdened by a heavy load,

Reflect on, to whom we belong, while allowing Him to fill us with song,

As everything shall work out right, for those called to walk in His Light,

While we’re used by Jesus Christ, on a journey from earth to Paradise.

(Copyright ©01/2009)

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