The Gospel Truth

The Word of God

The Gospel Truth has been preached, to the far ends of this world,

Many hearts this Truth has reached; Good News men would herald.

And many men with joy received, the Good News they would impart,

Moved by faith, they then believed, then Christ indwelled their heart.

And on this Truth men take a stand, when guided by The Holy Spirit,

Helping other men then understand, Truth when they chose to hear it.

And by this Truth all men are saved, through The Holy Spirit’s power,

Divinely saved from a life depraved, saved every day and every hour.

Christ came into this world to die, as God’s ultimate atoning sacrifice,

This for sinful men, like you and I, on the cross paid the ultimate price.

The Lord then was buried friend; they buried Him in a Garden Tomb,

However that was not to be the end, of what seemed to be His doom.

The Lord and Savior rose again, just like Christ Jesus said He would,

Thus He sealed victory for all men, just as The Savior knew He could.

Jesus was then seen by many men, and was believed by even those,

Who had doubted He’d rise again, when His presence proved He rose.

This Truth is centered on The One, Who came to earth to set men free,

Who was and is, God’s Only Son, Who gives men New Life in Eternity.

He is Ruler of Heaven and earth, and He is coming back for all to see,

And friend only through a New Birth, can men live through all Eternity.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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