Stalking The Earth

The Word of God

Quietly as every Christian walks, that eternal enemy Satan stalks,

He’s Stalking the earth this very hour, seeking those he may devour.

Satan’s like a hungry lion friend, with destruction being his only end.

Satan my friend you know is wise, but he indeed is the father of lies.

He comes to you in a disguise, seeking friend your spiritual demise.

Rebuke him in the Name of Christ, Jesus who died to save your life.

He fills your day with frustration, to take your mind off your salvation,

And why God left you on the earth, and has given you spiritual birth.

Friend Satan wants nothing less, than to make your life an evil mess.

And to take your mind off of Christ, so he can then, destroy your life.

Today he roams earth to deceive, and attack those who do believe.

However, Satan shall not prevail, even though all his powers assail.

Friend, even his largest assault, against Christ will come to naught.

Satan’s in a hopeless situation, as he’s facing eternal condemnation.

And destruction is his only desire, knowing that he faces eternal fire.

But if you belong to Jesus Christ, He my friend will protect your life.

For on the cross He paid the price, as Satan was defeated by Christ,

And in the times that we are tried, in Christ Jesus Believers can abide.

For by Jesus it is said and done, Satan by Christ has been overcome.

And as Satan is destroyed by Christ, Believers will enter Eternal Life.

He will deceive the nations no more, when cast into Hell forevermore.

Cast down into the eternal pit, with the Beast and the False Prophet.

By Christ he will see his demise; forever from Hell his smoke will rise.

Friend, upon the cross of Calvary, Christ made the way to set us free,

Free from Satan, death and sin, to live up in Heaven forever with Him.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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