Mundane Toil

Life in itself is quite mundane, as each new day is quite the same.

Being in the world’s daily grind, can really weary ones poor mind.

Daily routines do not change, as their frustrations remain the same.

Painful toil throughout the days, wears on your being in many ways.

A far cry from a garden of bliss, that peaceful place man must miss.

All is attributed to Adam’s fall, the ground was cursed, do you recall?

Now thorns and thistles cover earth, as woman has pain in child birth,

And woman’s desire is for her man, as her sin had altered God’s plan.

Man from the sweat of his brow, must work to feed a family somehow.

And all just seems to get worse, and all because of that original curse.

One day there will be no more curse, and no more toil upon this earth.

In a New Heaven and a New Earth, all toil shall become eternal mirth.

As we serve God with joy and bliss, the former earth, we will not miss.

Pain and hurt shall be no more, as we eternally serve The Risen Lord.

And there will flow The Water of Life, from the Throne of Jesus Christ.

On each side of The River of Life, there for all will be The Tree of Life,

To produce fruit throughout the year, for all of the nations, far and near.

The leaves will heal every nation, who has come to Christ for Salvation.

With Christ the center and The Light, Eternity shall have no more night,

With no more darkness or toil friend, it is a blissful eternity with no end.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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