Another Day For The Lord


Another day is over my dear friend with another tomorrow to come,

Sometimes I wish it all would end and The Lord would simply come.

For when Truth by men goes ignored the day becomes far from fun.

But I need to labor for The Lord until my time on this earth is done.

For I remember when I was blind and the Christians I used to mock.

And The Lord sent to me someone kind to help me known The Rock.

Now friend, I need to do my part and with love lend a helping hand.

Especially to one with an open heart in hope that they understand.

What a blessing that would be to see a friend or coworker change.

And hear them as they believe, say that I wasn’t really so strange.

That will mean one more voice lifting up The Lord’s Blessed Name.

And with this one eternal choice another life will never be the same.

Friend, how can anyone believe, if God’s Truth they haven’t heard?

And this Truth that we have received is God’s Eternal Living Word.

Beautiful are the feet of those, who preach to others His Good News.

That’s one more soul that God knows for The Kingdom He can use.

Together we can reach the world with The Gospel of God’s Grace,

With the blessed news to herald, that Jesus Christ died in our place.

Friend, if only faithful we can be, from this present day to the end,

Then Jesus will say to you and me, well done my dear faithful friend.

(Copyright ©10/2004)

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