I Need To Be a Witness


I need to witness for all to see just what The Lord has done for me.

In my witness they must see just how much The Lord means to me.

Friend, be it night or be it day, I must be ready with words to say.

In season or out of season, I must me ready to give all men a reason.

That is the reason for my life, and friend, His name is Jesus Christ.

Indeed, Jesus is the world to me, and this my friend, I hope you see.

I need to share His saving light and how He led me from the night.

How His Light shined on my face to save me by His wonderful Grace.

There are many people that I fear can not see that The Lord is near.

He is near to all in many ways and He is in command of all our ways.

For each Believer saved by sin, The Lord Jesus Christ lives within.

For unbelievers He’s a prayer away from turning their night into day.

Also near is The Lord’s return, but that is something that many spurn.

And for all His return is soon, however, for many this spells doom.

I need to be a witness you see, and it is for The Lord, not for me.

Urgency must be in my heart, for soon that awesome day will start.

That awesome Day of The Lord, a day that by no man, will be ignored.

On that day all shall see, and all my friend will be on bended knee.

They must see well beyond my zeal, that The Lord Jesus is truly real.

It’s a time when all will pay, for my dear friend, it’s Judgment Day.

However The Lord paid that price, when for all He became a Sacrifice.

The time is now, not tomorrow to allow Him to wash away your sorrow.

Believe today and you will see and you will live forever in Eternity.

But if His Truth you choose to spurn, you will friend, forever burn.

(Copyright ©10/2004)

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