Whosoever Will

The Word of God

Friend, whosoever will, may come, to the cross of God’s Only Son,

To the Cross of God’s Salvation, it’s open to every man and nation.

Within the cross of this salvation, there for all is God’s Declaration,

A declaration meant to herald, from the very foundation of the world.

Jesus was presented by God to men, in a world that stood condemned,

Condemned because of the sin of one, God sent His Only begotten Son.

Sin must be destroyed my friend, but, God sent His Salvation to men,

Christ is this Way of Salvation, for in Him there is no condemnation.

It is Christ we choose to cherish, because of Him we will not perish,

We will not perish but endure, being bought by the Blood of The Lord.

For this was God’s loving desire, to spare us from that eternal fire,

If you believe on Christ’s Name, you will be spared from the flames.

Although we are lost and depraved, Christ died so we could be saved,

Totally saved from the penalty of sin, by God’s Salvation through Him.

For when Christ died in our place, He covered all our sin and disgrace.

We were saved by the Blood of Calvary, and given a Hope for Eternity.

This Hope for all is Eternal Life, that through the shed blood of Christ.

His Victory over death and sin, allows us to eternally reign with Him.

We’ll reign with Christ forevermore, once we enter in Heaven’s Door.

And this is the Message of Christ, that you too can have Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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