The Great White Throne

John saw a Great White Throne, and on it he saw God’s very Own.

It was God’s Only Son Jesus Christ, the very Author of Eternal Life.

Christ is the One who holds the keys, the keys to Death and to Hades.

All those in Hades will be released, to face judgment that has no peace.

Then the sea and Hades gave up, all the dead that were found in them.

Earth and sky had fled its presence, as The Throne was so immense,

With no place for them to remain, for in Eternity they’ll forever change.

God will make a New Heaven and Earth, for all those with Eternal worth,

Only in Christ can you find this worth, as you come to Him by New Birth.

The former things will be no more, as we enjoy an Eternity with our Lord.

By The Throne standing John saw, multitudes of men great and small,

They were the dead from the fall, and will be judged by The Lord of all.

The Lord died to give them life, but they chose instead to scoff at Christ.

Because Christ wasn’t their desire, they’ll be cast into The Lake of Fire.

This is the second death my friend, of which suffering will have no end.

There were books before The Throne, with the life of every man known.

From the books He judges the dead, and nothing friend shall go unsaid,

For All their works will be revealed, and nothing friend will be appealed.

Another book was opened by Christ, that one friend is The Book of Life,

If in this book your name is found, you friend, will be on Eternal Ground.

For all those who come to Jesus Christ, are written in The Book of Life.

And all those found in The Book of Life, live eternally with Jesus Christ.

But if your name is not found friend, an Eternal Death shall be your end.

Death and Hades are cast together, in the Lake of fire that burns forever.

So before you take your last breath, friend, chose Life instead of Death.

(Copyright ©04/2005)

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