When I Am Weak

As the days get dark and bleak, my heart inside begins to grow weak,

My heart of flesh battles inside, where my old nature of fear resides.

And as my heart grows faint inside, I sometimes want to run and hide.

But, when my heart grows weak, it’s The Lord’s face I need to seek.

For when I am weak He is strong, and it is to Christ that I belong.

For I don’t live, Christ lives in me, using my life for others to see,

Just how a crucified life in Christ, can be a vessel of His Might.

When there’s no hope in sight, God manifests The Spirit of Christ,

And Christ’s Power in me testifies, what He can do in one who dies,

One who dies to self on the cross, helping Christ to reach the lost.

Friend, every trial that I do face, is evidence of my Christian race.

A race that has already been won, by God’s One and Only Son.

And it is only by God’s Loving Grace, that I remain in this race.

For Christ bought me with a price, so for Him, I can be a sacrifice.

And since The Lord died for me, I will serve Christ into Eternity.

God knows what is best for me, and God’s Grace will set me free,

Free from all my worry and fear, knowing that God is always near.

And I must lean upon His Grace, to help me in my present place.

By His Grace God led me here, and with this in mind I needn’t fear.

For wherever His Grace leads me to, He shall also see me through.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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