Another Sinner Has Been Restored

Spiritual Change

All praise to our Blessed Lord as another sinner has been restored.

Restored to a special place made only available through God’s Grace.

Out of a life of sin and shame and now marked with an Eternal name.

As a sinner it may sound odd, that now he’s a Blessed child of God.

And all his sin was washed away on the day that sinner was saved.

He was saved from his former life of sin and given a new life within.

Although he’s still upon the earth he’s changed forever by New Birth.

And now as a New Creature in Christ he’s become a living sacrifice.

Once lost in a world of strife, now his name is in The Book of Life.

Now in Christ he stands secure and will live with Christ forevermore.

And with all of his sins of the past forgiven and behind him at last.

As a Christian he walks with The Lord with a brand new life in store.

He has no more deeds of the night as he walks in The Lord’s Light.

And although troubles do not cease in Jesus Christ he has peace.

When walking in a valley of fear, he has assurance The Lord is near.

For Christ is there till the end and will not forsake him, my friend.

Jesus even prepared a place for him in an Eternity that has no sin.

Back into sin he doesn’t roam for his eye is upon his Eternal home.

Friend, Christ still has an open door and there’s room for many more.

So why not join us my dear friend in an Eternity that will never end.

(Copyright ©08/2004)

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