The Future Middle East

The Nation Israel

Today the future in the Middle East, as we hear, sounds very bleak.

As people with a deceptive heart, are looking for a brand new start,

Moving many men to understand, a crucial need to remap the land.

This to eradicate the Land of Israel, totally justified by a wicked will.

The tiny land men call Palestine, will be subdued by a force Divine.

The promise given to Abraham, by the will of God will forever stand.

The terror that now rules the land, will be eliminated by God’s Hand.

The Lord Himself shall intervene, with His presence upon the scene.

The present land on the world scene, was the land of the Philistines.

That ancient land was conquered by, Joshua’s army for God on high.

It was never subdued totally friend, but that mistake was not the end.

Eternal God, whose land this is, through King David took care of this.

For God put David on the Throne, in that land which is Israel’s home,

As the King of the Promised Land, that God had granted to Abraham.

God swore to David as the King, the reign he began was everlasting.

He reigned as King in Jerusalem, where all shall see God’s Own Son.

The land will be subdued for sure, by Jesus Christ, Messiah and Lord.

Never again shall it be the same, after Jesus Christ begins His Reign.

Christ will purge The Promised Land, for the descendents of Abraham.

Then all of Israel shall live secure, under the Reign of Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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