A True Book for Life

The Word of God

I need to pause along the way, to see what the Word of God may say,

For The Word is a true Book of Life, to deal with daily pain and strife.

It is a book for these very times, to deal with men’s hearts and minds.

With the heart so corrupt my friend, there is evil around every bend.

For the human heart is deceitful and desperately wicked my friend,

So deceitful is the heart friend, that who can really know its end?

And so every day I need to start, by examining my own sinful heart,

And ask The Lord to cleanse my heart, before my day can even start.

The Word of God is a guide for me, on my way, my friend, to Eternity.

I rest my hope upon The Lord, whose promises to all are very sure.

With my hope upon Christ the Lord, I am purified through His Word,

My friend, I am purified by The Lord, just as He, The Lord is pure.

God can cleanse my heart of sin, creating in me a clean heart for Him.

Then as I go through my day, I can deal with life in His perfect way.

When I hide God’s Word within, Christ keeps my heart away from sin.

If I’m tempted to sin on the way, I’m reminded, what would Jesus say?

Indeed The Word keeps me straight, in a world that’s filled with hate,

To oppose the hate, I use His love, with Christ’s guidance from above.

When I keep God’s Word in sight, I can deal better with man’s blight,

For opposing hate with love instead, pours hot coals upon their head.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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