The Heart of The Cross

The heart of the cross of Calvary, is God’s Salvation for you and me.

Through The Lord’s temporal pain, He achieved for us Eternal gain.

The bloody death of Jesus Christ, was for all men God’s Sacrifice.

Christ’s atoning work on the cross, saves all men from eternal loss.

Through the death of Jesus Christ, God offers all men Eternal Life.

The very heart of the cross is Love, and sent to all from God above.

On the cross upon His face, men could see God’s amazing Grace.

The heart of God’s Love for men, reaches into a world condemned.

On the cross the world could see, in The Son, God’s arm of mercy.

From that hill, a darkened place, men could see the Light of Grace.

The cross’s power’s not diminished, for by Jesus alone it’s finished.

The very heart of God’s Plan, was the reconciliation of sinful man.

The heart of it all is redemption, and you friend, are no exemption.

Upon the cross Christ died for all, to redeem man from Adam’s fall.

Christ my friend is God’s Salvation, not for one, but for every nation.

With His blood He purchased men, and not just some but all of them.

However, the heart of man is cold, and they scoff the message is old.

No one ever died for me they say, and so they go on their sinful way.

The cross of Christ will never be filled, as man follows his selfish will,

But selfless is the heart of Christ, as He died to give men Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©10/2005)

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