Back To Salt And Light

The Church today has lost her pace in today’s hectic earthly race.

To love God with all your mind has been lost in the crunch of time.

And replaced with fighting from within, laced with all shades of sin.

Nothing for eternity’s wrought when these foolish feuds are fought.

Satan begins to sow a weed or two and we forget we are born anew.

We’ve been Born Again from above and to be filled with God’s Love.

But soon His love slips away and then hurtful things we begin to say.

Paul admonished the Corinthian Church, but are we better or worse?

For our time is spent causing pain and this all without Eternal gain.

And soon we begin to lose our way and we even forget when to pray.

Then I neglect my quiet time where God deals with this heart of mine.

And I begin to focus on my need and soon forget about sowing seed.

We create a Church of carnal gifts in the midst of arguing and rifts.

We forget about Corinthians, gifts without love don’t mean a thing.

In the midst of our strife and fuss we forget Christ who died for us.

With His Blood He cleansed our sin, so that we could live for Him.

We create division and wonder why all our ministries are going awry.

We deal with things that are not right by acting out in hate and spite.

We begin to take on shades of night mixing darkness with His Light.

By acting out our fleshly desire, don’t we quench The Spirit’s Fire?

Even if our heart is sincere, how can we live without reverent fear?

The fear of God is truly wisdom, especially in light of The Kingdom.

God’s preparing us for Eternal Life, why be used as Satan’s device?

The time is now to make all right, by getting back to Salt and Light.

(Copyright ©08/2004)

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