One By One


Lord one by one and two by two, I will draw all men Lord, to you,

Lord, to the one and only friend, all men will need come the end.

There’s no greater friend indeed, than one who knows our need,

And He not only knew the cost, but suffered and died for the lost.

I only desire to share The Truth, not concerned of men’s reproof.

And although they may criticize, a word of Truth may open eyes.

All of God’s Truth will be fulfilled, and just as God eternally willed.

Today the words they dispute, one day shall see indeed as Truth.

I pray that their hearts can see, their need they have for eternity,

A need beyond their place of birth, and beyond a temporal earth.

God’s Judgment is sure to come, when all men will see His Son,

And for all who refuse The Truth, they will see His strong reproof,

Until then my Lord I need to be, a guiding Light for all men to see,

And my Lord, according to your will, place my light high upon a hill.

Through your Light Lord I pray, that men will see your eternal way.

The only way men can be assured, of an eternal life with you Lord.

No longer will men see the light, but only a darkened eternal night.

Just like Jude, it is my desire, to snatch some from the eternal fire.

Then Lord one by one, two by two, men shall come to faith in you.

And with their eyes all will see, the home you prepared in Eternity.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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