Creation’s Witness

God's Sovereignty

Gazing at the sun each day, and the stars in the twilight way,

Followed by the moon each night, giving off its lesser light,

Every one suspended in place, by God’s Power and Grace,

Fixed by God, up in the sky, as God’s witness to every eye.

All this was only a small part, of God’s Creation at the start,

He parted waters by command, creating both seas and land,

Above the land He called sky, filling it with creatures that fly,

And in the seas you will find, fish and creatures of that kind.

With vegetation, the land’s filled, just as The Lord had willed.

The land He put creatures too, far different than me and you,

For the pinnacle of God’s plan, is when He had created man,

And created in the image of, The Creator, who reigns above.

All this is God’s created proof, and reason He alone is Truth,

The Creation that man denies, believing that he alone is wise,

But, this is part of Satan’s plan, to deceive the heart of man,

Having man dismiss the Creator, he’ll then not seek a Savior.

But all will be without excuse, when by God asked to choose,

In regards to their salvation, offered by The God of Creation,

For even the creation moans, waiting for God and God alone,

From the curse to be freed, as He comes with His redeemed.

(Copyright ©02/2008)

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