As Christ Strengthens Me

Through Jesus Christ you can achieve more than anyone could believe.

Much for mankind can be wrought, if we look to that old rugged cross.

I can do all things indeed, through Jesus Christ, who strengthens me.

His Glory is what’s achieved, as He moves the heart of the deceived.

On the cross He paid the price to give believers the mind of Christ.

When we confront the unkind, He gives believers a Christ like mind.

And when we deal with bitter hate, the love of Christ will compensate.

Tough decisions when they come are handled with The Spirit’s Wisdom.

In turmoil heartaches cease, as He fills me with unfathomable peace.

His will becomes my desire, as He walks me through the purging fire.

In the toughest times we can trust what Christ’s Blood has done for us.

And even in the darkest hour, we receive from The Holy Spirit power.

He fills you with His Spirit of Grace, when you’re in a miserable place.

Christ goes with us in each fiery trial, comforting us without denial.

Life on earth isn’t the whole story; for we are being prepared for Glory.

Once reluctant and so coy, and now a bold witness filled with joy.

He fills my heart with strong desire that goes far beyond this earth.

This points to One much higher, Who offers to all men a new birth.

He lifts away today’s sorrow by putting fears and worries far behind.

And He helps me to embrace tomorrow with security and peace of mind.

I become a living sacrifice pointing men to the return of The Lord.

For He who paid the ultimate price has much more for all in store.

In The Spirit one can perceive what many today can not comprehend.

So we can point those who are deceived to The Truth about the end.

(Copyright ©08/2004)

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