Absent From The Body

The Word of God

Friend, when I take my last breath, I will not be experiencing death,

The death as you may understand, for I belong to The Son of Man.

When absent from this body of death, He will grant me eternal breath.

It was at Calvary upon a tree that Jesus tasted death for you and me.

For just like the believing thief, I will be rewarded for my belief.

Clinging to the words of Christ, I will immediately be in Paradise.

For when I leave this earthly tent, right up to Heaven I’ll be sent.

To joyfully enter Heaven’s Door to be in the presence of my Lord.

Death was swallowed up at Calvary as Christ achieved for us victory.

This victory is over sin and pain, as He grants to us Eternal Gain.

But, this victory is only assured to those who truly know The Lord.

For all those who mock The Lord, eternal punishment is their reward.

To rest in peace is a small lie, for the soul of man does never die.

Those in Jesus Christ, forevermore, will continue to serve The Lord.

And the wicked soul shall endure, in the Lake of Fire forevermore.

And weeping and gnashing of teeth doesn’t sound like restful peace.

The death of Christ upon that tree, guarantees Eternal Life for me.

Rejection of the Love of Calvary will spell for you eternal misery.

By The Lord’s wonderful Grace, He’s prepared for me an Eternal Place.

But friend, if His Truth you despise, your smoke shall forever rise.

(Copyright ©10/2004)

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