Beware of Leaven

Beware of leaven of the Pharisees, for it taints what one believes,

Our citizenship is in Heaven, yet we’re influenced by earthly leaven.

This leaven hardens men who believe, blinding them as it deceives,

It shifts our focus from where we’ll go, to this darkened earth below.

Satan is preparing for the big lie, this no true believer will deny.

For he is still leading men astray, distorting God’s only perfect way,

He adds to God’s Eternal Truth, subtly deceiving men who are aloof.

Satan’s only purpose in this race, is making you fall from God’s Grace.

He’s always creating a new path, that only leads one to God’s Wrath.

For narrow is the road to life, and this is only found in Jesus Christ.

Wide is the road to destruction, and this is based on mere deduction.

Accept what The Word does say, and you’ll stay on the narrow way.

God said there would be delusion, and this my friend is no illusion.

In words of warning Paul does say, in the end many will fall away,

Fall away from God’s Eternal Truth, following lies and being spoofed,

Ultimately believing Satan’s big lie, that he is The God from on High.

For Satan will indwell the Antichrist, only desiring to destroy your life.

As deception is Satan’s favorite key, to destroy your life for eternity.

Only believe The Truth you’ve heard, trusting God’s Unchanging Word,

And embrace The Lord Jesus Christ, and you will have Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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