Living With a Heavy Heart


Do you have a loved one who doesn’t know The Lord?

Friend it isn’t any fun picturing them in Hell forevermore.

The end for all is very real, my friend, make no mistake.

Even with a strong appeal, The Lord they could forsake.

However Jesus died for all, even those who don’t believe,

And ever since the fall, Satan’s been working to deceive.

But Christ will not forsake you, once He lives in your heart.

Your former life He knew, but from you Christ won’t depart.

He cleanses you at the cross washing away all guilty stain,

Although you once were lost, Jesus’ death is now your gain.

But some family my friend, still will chose the opposite way,

And if left alone, in the end, there’s an eternal price to pay.

You live with a heavy heart, as you shared The Only Way,

For they simply want no part no matter what you do or say.

You may not truly understand why they don’t seem to care.

So lift up with holy hands their name to God in quiet prayer.

In Heaven if you don’t see a loved one waiting for you there,

Friend I ask of you please don’t think that God doesn’t care.

For Christ will wipe away for you every tear from your eyes,

For it was for loved ones too, that upon that cross He died.

(Copyright ©07/2004)

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