The Spirit of God

God's Sovereignty

Friend, as the wind tends to blow, not knowing where it will go,

Or from the place it has come, but we will see what it has done.

So it is with The Spirit friend, The Spirit that Christ would send.

The third person of The Godhead, sent just like Christ had said.

Sent to move upon man’s heart, to give man a brand new start.

God moves men with The Spirit, with The Word as they hear it.

The Holy Spirit you can not see, but He’s been here for eternity.

And He moves throughout the earth, leading men to New Birth.

He moves upon every nation, ministering to all God’s Salvation.

He convicts the heart of man, as He leads many to understand,

There’s a spiritual side to life, which is centered in Jesus Christ.

Without Him all men would grope, in the darkness with no hope.

But He leads them out of the night, and into God’s Eternal Light.

By guiding them to Jesus Christ, who offers all men Eternal Life.

The Spirit uses The Word of God, to be His voice where we trod.

Like a gentle summer breeze, He sets hearts and minds at ease.

Like the wind, a natural force, which moves upon a given course,

Showing to men God’s Power, and this everyday and every hour.

The Spirit too, was sent to us, so that all men, in God could trust.

The Spirit’s a comfort in this strife, leading believers to New Life.

Like the wind you can not still, The Spirit is sent to do God’s will.

As the wind leaves its mark, God desires to change man’s heart.

Wind we hear but can not see, can adversely affect you and me.

But, The Spirit only comforts men, who in Christ are Born Again.

(Copyright ©01/2006)

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