Who Are We?

Probing Questions

The Lord above friend, is big, and we here on earth are very small,

Yet here on earth will can sing, for The Lord up above loves us all.

And friend, just who are we, that The Lord is mindful of any of us?

Yet through His Love, we believe, and in The Lord we put our trust.

For it was God who loved us first, and loved beyond our life of sin,

And through the cross and New Birth, The God above lives within.

Deep within this heart of mine, as He leads me through a New Life,

Helping me one day at a time, to be more like His Son Jesus Christ.

New Life goes beyond this earth, believe in Christ and you will see,

In Jesus Christ, by a New Birth, you my friend, shall live Eternally.

Eternally apart from all sin, being washed in The Blood of The Lamb,

And New Life is complete in Him, for Jesus Christ died for every man.

Just who are we, that we should live, knowing that only God is good?

And yet His Only Son He did give, so that we could be a brotherhood.

Friend, in Jesus Christ we are one, in this body we call The Church,

And the body’s head is God’s Son, from whom we all get our worth.

There is no man great or small, in which Jesus Christ can not forgive,

For God’s Only Son died for all, friend just believe, and you will live.

Friend, why would you not believe, and accept this Gift from God?

For if you choose to be deceived, you my friend, will face His Rod.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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