From Nothing at All

I can give nothing at all to you, yet daily Lord you see me through,

Supplying all I need and more, while asking nothing from me Lord.

Although I come to you with none, abundance I receive of the Son,

Christ bestows, quite abundantly, gifts and blessings down on me.

For all good gifts are from above, in the Father’s unchanging love,

Bestowed, upon all who believe; Blessings that we simply receive.

With these gifts bestowed on us, you Lord, take us into your trust,

That we use those gifts we receive, in helping all others to believe.

I come to you, without anything; you make me a child of The King,

His child through all of eternity, and all through the gift of Calvary,

Your Only Son, Jesus Christ, offered to all freely as our Sacrifice,

One special gift offered by Grace, to the entire, sinful human race,

Blessings we receive from you Lord, will continue on forevermore,

As the gift you offered at Calvary, is a New Life in Christ Eternally,

That begins on this earthly sod, to continue on with you dear God,

For by Grace you saved my soul, to make a sinner eternally whole.

This empty soul, you have filled, with heavenly gifts, as you willed,

For your Purpose and your Plan, to reach out to every single man.

For with each gift we play a part, in reaching for you a needy heart,

With the One Gift of Salvation, offered by The God of all Creation.

(Copyright ©09/2007)

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