Cannot Agree to Disagree

Unless you can agree with me, one of us shall remain deceived.

One is right and one is wrong, as there is but one truthful throng.

We can both be wrong and also be, wrong in regards to Eternity,

But can’t disagree and be right, regarding God’s Truth and Light.

Possibly neither one is right, but deceived by forces of the night.

Forces which deny the Truth; rejecting Jesus with strong reproof.

Believing God without their heart; in their lives Truth had no start.

At times religion played a part, causing men from Truth to depart,

The same holds true even today, as men avoid God’s narrow way.

Religious opinion will not stand, at the coming of The Son of Man.

When Christ was on earth friend, many men couldn’t comprehend,

Who He was or why He came, so their beliefs remained the same.

A man alone cannot reason why, God would send His Son to die,

But God did just that my friend, sending Him as Savior of all men.

God sent His Spirit from up above, to open our hearts to His Love,

God’s will is for none to perish, but darkness is what men cherish,

Refusing to embrace His Light, saying we’re wrong, they are right.

The basis of man’s rejection, is pride fueled by Satan’s deception.

The choice is yours and is mine, and all will see at the end of time.

If you choose to reject His Truth, you shall see His strong reproof.

It’s as clear as black and white, when our heart receives His Light.

Only one said He is Truth and Life, that my friend, is Jesus Christ,

God’s Truth changes not at all, and it was man deceived at the fall.

His Truth friend, is plain to me, and God is my hope for all Eternity.

Eternal Truth revealed in Christ, is man’s only hope for Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©09/2006)

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