Progressive Minds

Progressive liberals with a cause, covering over their spiritual flaws,

Saying what many want to hear; concerning God, they have no fear.

Progressing with the moral tides, on immoral waves the party rides,

As they drift far away from God, while leading with a confident nod.

Progress for all they say they make, as Godly morals they forsake,

Wanting to be all things to all, perpetuates the curse of Adam’s fall.

Bringing upon this mighty land, The Sovereign God’s uplifted hand,

One raised up in Righteous Wrath, against their liberal immoral path.

Many liberal minds in one accord, running a nation without The Lord,

Being followed by a large multitude, caught in a darkened servitude.

Though God may be on their lips, not in their heart, but liberal quips,

To build their liberal agenda friend, which has eternal ruin at the end.

Opposing God’s Righteous Decree, they desire to lead you and me,

Filled with liberal pundits galore, regarding truth, want less not more,

While liberal heroes they raise up tall, moral views they see as small,

Turning conservative concerns into, immoral agendas they’ll pursue.

They approve evil across the board, as the moral issues go ignored,

Counseling together in wickedness, despising God’s Righteousness,

Filling the land with darkened lies, professing to be the best of wise,

With wisdom apart from God, who’s returning soon with an Iron Rod.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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