What A Sobering Thought Indeed


What a sobering thought indeed, half the world will die in unbelief,

And the other half by God's Grace will believe to experience relief.

And when they take their last breath, they will see Eternal Death,

But you can live, if you believe, within the time that you have left.

Then, not only will you experience God's relief from all your strife,

But through God's Grace and Mercy, you will receive Eternal Life.

This present Age of Grace, is God's Mercy towards all men on earth,

No matter what you think you're worth, you can experience new birth.

Your rebirth is when you believe, and God opens up your eyes to see,

That you my friend are just like me and we were both born to believe.

To the natural man this is foolishness, which leads one to unbelief,

And because he has no belief, he lives his life in and out of grief.

But The Lord offers more than just Eternal Life at your life's end,

As He will fill your life with joy and a peace you can't comprehend.

God through The Holy Spirit also helps you my friend to understand,

There's only one who can forgive your sins and He is The Son of Man.

For the Son of Man came to die to give his life as a ransom for many,

The Spotless Lamb who died a death to save vile sinners so unworthy,

What a sobering thought indeed, that God allowed The Lord to bleed,

To watch His Only Son die on a tree, to save a wicked wretch like me.

(Copyright ©03/2003)

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