They Had One Mind


The first century church was lead by one sprit and it had one mind,

This unique oneness however, doesn't seem to be apparent in our time.

Peter and John were both put into prison not for some heinous crime,

But for preaching God's Gospel with passion to all, time after time.

As Christ left the Church His instruction to them it was very clear,

And they were able to preach without hesitance and without any fear.

While preaching the Truth the Light exposed the error of men's ways,

We too, my friend, must expose error with Truth in these final days.

Watering down God's Truth with love does no one any good my friend,

For all, who fail to embrace Truth; will be judged by Him in the end.

Preachers will be accountable for how they handled His instruction,

And ignorant, unstable people distort Truth to their own destruction.

Paul was so concerned for Truth that he cursed the foolish Galatians,

For anything apart from God's Word is just one of Satan's creations.

And when Paul caused sorrow to the Corinthians, he didn't regret it,

For their sorrow was intended by God, to lead them to repentance.

God has one Truth that has been preached throughout all generations,

For when John had finished at Patmos, God sent no more revelations.

And one Truth John wrote in Revelation to be a sign of the end time,

It won't be The Church but the beast and his followers with one mind.

(Copyright ©02/2003)

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