A Message To Herald


I need to set my pride aside, as many people around me need The Lord,

Their hearts can only be opened, as mine was with God's mighty Sword.

It is not a sword that lends itself to harm, but will only open eyes,

For they walk around with a need inside, which they try to disguise.

Even though they can physically see around, spiritually their blind,

As the ugly god of this wicked world has truly darkened their mind.

As I was with no Truth in my heart, they stumble through the night,

We need to guide them out of the dark, by exposing The True Light.

For there are only two paths for us to follow, this I known for sure,

One path leads to outer darkness and the other one leads to The Door.

The broad path that leads to darkness is not all you find at the end,

It's much more than darkness, for it's eternal destruction my friend.

For this is why I need boldness in place of my pride and timidity,

As many people do not truly understand the full scope of eternity.

The Door my friend, is The Lord patiently waiting for you to come in,

His gift for all is Eternal Life, as He died to purify all from sin.

The wonderful message of the Cross that we all should want to herald,

Is that Jesus died on the cross to give New Life to the entire world.

The Sword my friend is The Word of God, Who came to redeem the lost.

The Word that became flesh to dwell among us came to die upon a cross.

(Copyright ©05/2002)

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