Wise Men Still Seek Souls


The purpose of the True Church of God is to always seek out the lost,

And share with them the life changing Gospel, whatever be the cost.

Although the history of The Church is filled with gaps and lulls,

The truth throughout has always been, that wise men still seek souls.

After believing and accepting God's unmerited Gift of Salvation,

Sharing this Truth with the lost, is every Christian's obligation.

You too were once lost like your neighbor, without any Hope indeed,

However, someone who knew, took the time and planted a tiny seed.

Then The Lord used someone just like you, to water it a tiny bit,

And then in your heart, through someone's love, a tiny fire was lit.

Now using The Spirit, through people and ways we do not know,

That little tiny fire, that once was a seed, truly started to grow.

The Lord's Love and The Spirit's work, helped it continue to grow,

Then your life, and your appearance, took on a whole new glow.

As He grew from within, The Spirit shaped and kindled the fire,

Into a challenge and a love, which birthed a new found desire.

The new found desire is to share The Gospel with all whom you meet,

Because one day very soon, we shall all bow at Christ's Feet.

So my friend, could this be the day for you to reset your goals,

For wise men have and will always be lead to seek out lost souls.

(Copyright ©05/2002)

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