Beyond The Temporal Doors

The Word of God

I simply need to trust God's hand each day to guide me where I am.

I just need to wait upon The Lord, who alone opens and closes doors.

Friend, no one can fathom or understand God's Awesome Eternal plan.

Neither can I attempt to explain all that has been done in His name.

What seems to be little to me is far bigger in the light of eternity,

In my present place I am being molded for eternity by God's Grace.

When I complain I hear God say I am the potter you're just the clay,

As each day I'm molded by His Hand, into His Glorious Eternal Plan.

Temporal things aren't ours to gain as we focus on an Eternal Reign,

A future reign with Jesus forevermore, that's the ultimate open door.

Through a darkened glass we see now, hiding answers to why and how.

No eye has seen what's in store where former things will be no more.

Too Often I become discontent at the workplace where I've been sent,

When my heart becomes ambivalent, I like Christ must be benevolent.

For in God's Eternal Providence, He knows what He is doing with us.

And to be happy in Jesus I need to believe in God and to truly trust.

Christ uses lives for Eternal goals changing hearts and saving souls.

A Heavenly calling for all who believe, pointing people to Eternity.

I must remember beyond the door are people who need to know The Lord.

And if by Grace my Lord they see, God may open another door for me.

(Copyright ©04/2004)

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