The Light of Christ In The Present Darkness

The End Times

As the world becomes much darker, we have one hope that's brighter,

And as this world sinks even lower, our hope above is even higher,

Many people alive today look to a world body for the hope it brings,

And there is a darker man of deception who is waiting in the wings.

He's coming with a plan for peace while promising many other things,

But, through his false deceptive peace he will destroy many beings.

So as the days do get darker, we must indeed shine forth our light,

For the very day that we are raptured, will become the darkest night.

The needed Light for this darkness is The Light of Christ my friend,

He's the only Hope for the entire world as it spins towards the end.

After Christ left the earth He sent The Spirit with power and might,

For its The Holy Spirit within us who helps us send forth His Light.

For God gave us not a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of His power,

And that my friend should encourage us in the darkness of this hour.

But many Christians allow the world to put a basket over their light,

When the time it is really needed, is in the darkness of the night.

All through David's darkest trials, he joyfully lifted up The Lord,

Even in his darkest hour with true repentance his light was restored.

With the day almost over, like King David, we can say in the night,

You are my lamp, O LORD; for the LORD turns my darkness into light.

(Copyright ©10/2002)

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