My Times Are In His Hands

All my times are in the hands of the only true Mighty Sovereign God,

And He is by my side every day, and goes with me every where I trod.

Each day He allows me to choose the very path I would like to take,

But every day He faithfully directs each and every step that I make.

When my choice leads me to follow people down a path that is wrong,

He will very gently guide me away from what could be an evil throng.

When something happens in my life that I simply can not understand,

I just look up to The Lord in prayer, and He take's me by the hand.

When my life for no reason seems to go through unpredictable stages,

The Spirit will gently lead my thoughts to The Rock of All the Ages.

When my life seems to be so uncertain, and I wonder why I am here,

The Lord whispers “I lead you this far so you needn't have to fear.”

When my life takes a turn and I wonder to The Lord where am I going?

The Spirit again reminds me, that my Lord is one who is all knowing.

When by my own choice, I follow my fleshly lusts and begin to stray,

My Father's loving compassion always leads me back to the Only Way.

Even though the choice I make brings into my life a dark aftermath,

The Lord will shine His light down upon me, to guide me on my path.

Finally, when The Lord takes me home, that bright and glorious day,

I will look back upon my life and see He truly lead me all the way.

(Copyright ©03/2002)

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