A Channel of Blessing

Be with me Lord in such a way, that I can be a blessing every day,

While The Sprit you sent my way, helps me know just what to say.

The days are getting darker and tomorrow for many may never be,

I need to live so they will see the Truth and Light you placed in me.

My life is but a channel through which Eternal Blessing you convey,

That Christ, our Blessed Hope, is The Only Truth and The only Way.

For all who come to receive The Truth, this Truth will set them free,

And Jesus Christ is this Truth; yes He's The One they need to see.

I was not seeking The Lord at all; But Graciously He was seeking me,

As He stooped down from Heaven above and He gave me eyes to see.

This new sight was not of the present world, but of the world to be,

And I need to have God's love and concern, helping others to see.

That when we die we continue to live our lives through all Eternity,

However God's Word is clear, we all will not share the same destiny.

In Hebrews Paul wrote “Without Holiness no one will see The Lord.”

This verse speaks volumes to people today and shouldn't be ignored.

It's time all true believers are seen as mighty because of The Lord,

As we draw the lost to His Light, and help brethren to be restored.

Soon the time to receive God's life changing Grace will be no more,

So my friend be sure you're in His Grace, before He shuts the door.

(Copyright ©12/2002)

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