A Double-Minded Man

Dear friend a double-minded man is indeed unstable in all his ways,

Hypocrisy and ambivalence seem to overwhelm his night and days.

When confronted with a trial, anger and hostility he seems to raise,

Very seldom if ever, does he lift up our dear Lord's name in praise.

More often than not, the problems that he has are of his very own,

And although he says he loves the Lord, he remains upon the throne.

Being critical of those around him he's quick to criticize and moan,

Little does he know that when they see him that inwardly they groan.

He changes very little, like a man who looks in a mirror every day,

He leaves forgetting what he looks like and he continues on his way.

If your image reminds you who you are, it should humble you to pray,

When you forget whose image you must reflect is when you go astray.

Pleased with what he sees outside, he sees no need to change within,

So he continues with a critical spirit that alone is filled with sin.

If you look to Jesus in the mirror, when you leave you think of Him,

And throughout your day, He will keep your heart far away from sin.

My friend, John the Baptist is a fine example, this you can be sure,

He followed Jesus by being less so in his life He would become more.

What was said concerning John by the One who's knocking on our door?

“There has not risen anyone greater”, a single-minded man for sure.

(Copyright ©07/2003)

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