Are You Grafted In?

Probing Questions

Instead of us accepting the Divine precepts of a Holy Righteous God,

It appears that we've bought into all kinds of men's deceptive fraud.

We've been given the clear Oracles of God, unto which we are to live,

But it appears we choose the advice of others to justify all our sin.

God's chosen Nation Israel was broken off because of all their sin,

And it was only by God's Grace that the Gentiles were grafted in.

Paul uses the analogy of an olive branch that has been broken off,

To illustrate God's separation from Israel and their temporary loss.

He explains how Israel's the natural branch broken off for their sin,

And God took a wild olive branch, the Gentiles, and grafted them in.

The replacement of Israel with The Church wasn't God's inclination,

For Israel truly is and always will be God's only hand picked nation.

Their transgression opened up the door to God's present dispensation,

When Grace has appeared to all men leading them to God's salvation.

Also for the nation Israel by God's Grace a new way has been paved,

For Paul goes on to say that in the end all of Israel will be saved.

If the Israelis who turn away from unbelief will again be grafted in,

What may be the end for Professing Believers who live in wicked sin?

Today all Christians must obey The Truth and in Christ we must abide,

For if Christ has no place in our heart like Israel we may be denied.

(Copyright ©06/2002)

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