Fleeting Times

The End Times

Many men live life for the reward, and never seem to seek The Lord.

And the earnings that they gain, come with frustration and with pain.

The wages they desire to spend, do seem to come to an early end.

So men will seek a bigger door, always looking to earn much more.

The wages that they get my friend, seem to come to a sudden end.

Men fill their own heart with deceit; vainly imaging what life could be.

They follow many earthly dreams, which lead to deceptive schemes.

And with their eyes they cannot see, beyond this earth is an eternity.

Men follow unmet desires within, unaware that many do lead into sin.

All your wages don’t come into play, when speaking of judgment day.

For the only wages that do figure in, are the wages for all of your sin.

These wages secure eternal death, received upon your final breath.

Men seek from others earthly praise, never thinking of eternal days.

Accolades may lift your self esteem, however, what can they redeem.

All your works will come to naught, if Christ Jesus you never sought.

Christ had paid an enormous price, for men to have prosperous life.

But not one an earthly eye can see, for it is tucked away in eternity.

So why not get with it my friend, and start thinking on your final end.

Far above the present moment of time, is an Eternal World sublime.

Many men spend a life in pursuit, of what turns out to be bitter fruit.

This world slowly ceases to be, as we all move towards an eternity.

Time here is just fleeting away, in this world where no one will stay.

When you seek God in this life, God produces blessings in the strife.

And when you do follow The Lord, you shall reap an eternal reward.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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