Army Of Three

The Word of God

There is indeed an army of three, watching over and protecting me,

Reigning high above this place, surrounding me in amazing Grace.

With trouble abounding everywhere, that’s authority filled with care,

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, guard me from trouble as I near it.

This is The Everlasting Trinity; The Eternal Godhead made of three,

God The Father, who always was, looks from above upon all of us,

Who sent Christ, His Everlasting Son, to be the Savior of everyone,

The Holy Spirit then Christ would send, to dwell in all believing men.

Three persons working together as one, Spirit, Father and The Son,

Working together in perfect harmony, to save men like you and me,

As The Father works in our heart, The Spirit of Christ will not depart,

Our Comforter both night and day, during our temporal earthly stay.

It matters not, what’s troubling me; I’m calmed by an Army of three,

The Father through power on high, dispatches angels for you and I,

And The King our Lord, Jesus Christ, rules over all that is in our life,

So that in the darkest of hours, by The Spirit, our life He empowers.

I simply trust in The Father above, who gives to me everlasting love,

And in The Son, Jesus Christ, who bought me with a heavenly price,

Guided by His Spirit, my friend, who will see me through to the end,

Where I’ll join that Army of Three, in the Heavens through all eternity.

(Copyright ©04/2007)

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