Christ Became a Spectacle

The Lord was hung upon a tree, to become a spectacle for all to see.

Jesus became that spectacle, on the hill of Calvary to be seen by all.

Christ was left to die upon that hill, left to die like a common criminal.

Soldiers came to seize The Lord, and each one with a club or sword.

Accused of subverting the nation; when He come to bring Salvation.

Accused then sentenced to die, yet, from His mouth came not one lie.

Crucify him, crucify him, was their cry, it was Jesus, they said must die.

Placed on his head with angry scorns, was a mocking crown of thorns.

Accused of what He didn’t commit, yet to their authority He did submit.

Christ was beat and was flogged, and this by one angry religious mob.

Many jeered and spat upon Him, and mocked the One who had no sin.

The very Lord of love and grace, was rebuked and struck on the face.

At Jesus Christ all the rulers sneered, while the angry mobs just jeered.

Insults were heaped upon The Lord, insults that Christ had just ignored.

With a staff He was struck on the head, and this Christ did in our stead.

Rejected and despised by those, who then stripped Him of His clothes.

After they were done their probe, upon Christ they placed a purple robe.

Reverence for God was disposed, as they cast lots for Christ’s clothes.

Although no guilt in Him was found, by these men The Lord was bound.

After Christ was scorn and beat, these men pierced His hands and feet.

A soldier’s spear was thrust in His side, upon the cross where He died.

Abandoned by His closest friends, and left all alone to die in the end.

That betrayal of Judas with a kiss, for us will become an Eternal Bliss.

From men’s temporal evil pleasure, we received an Eternal Treasure.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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