Work Prepared For Us

The Lord has work for all to do, prepared good works for me and you.

A work that is intended to Glorify, the One who on the cross had died.

Jesus’ work accomplished for all, man’s redemption from Adam’s fall.

Christ’s finished work for all of us, a work in which we place our trust.

And nothing can be added to, His work accomplished for me and you.

For salvation is a gift of Grace, secured when Jesus died in our place.

No righteous works on our part; it was all of Christ right from the start.

Christ’s finished work on that cross, alone is what saves sinners lost.

The work prepared for us you see, is to point others towards Eternity.

As God will use you in many ways, as you live out your earthly days.

God above can use most any skill, as it’s tempered by His loving will,

Pointing other men to Jesus Christ, as The Holy Spirit leads your life.

This work was prepared long before, anybody knew Christ was Lord.

An Eternal Plan by The Lord above, and centered on a cross of Love.

Where Christ Jesus paid the price, by offering Himself as a sacrifice.

For a body was prepared for Him, as the atonement for all of our sin.

Now for us the work to be done, is to lead all men to God’s Only Son.

What better work could there be, than in helping other people to see,

That The Lord Jesus died for us, and in Him we must place our trust,

So when all earthly labors cease, with Him we’ll have Eternal Peace.

(Copyright ©03/2006)

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