If I Could Pass Something On To You


If I could pass something on to you my dear friend, what would it be?

If it was a word or two on life, would you want words simply from me?

Words of my own are of so little value, so why should I even pretend?

For the only words of eternal value are found in the Bible my friend.

As I read the Bible, what I should pass on is made very clear to me,

For this life will soon be over, and where are you going eternally?

Much time is spent on planning for this world that will one day end,

But very little thought is given to one's eternal destiny my friend.

All of the world's uncertainties will end soon, this you can be sure,

While the certainty of the coming age we avoid will last forevermore.

One reason to focus on life with The One Who's knocking on the door,

He promised to purify all with this Hope, just as He Himself is Pure.

You may not be moved by my reasoning or you may not even understand,

But for me it goes beyond reason, as it is The Lord's direct command.

For Jesus said seek first The Kingdom and you will have all you need,

This is something instead of glossing over, each day I try to heed.

Before Jesus left He said make disciples of the nations in the world,

It wasn't only for the Apostles, but for all ages to joyfully herald.

Paul wasn't ashamed of the gospel, for it's the power unto Salvation,

This should shame us until we reach every tribe, tongue and nation.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

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